Customer Loyalty Program

Argo Team software supports both a discount- and rewards-based loyalty program for eshops, retail stores, shopping centers and services. The precondition for a customer loyalty program is the ability to identify customers and their transactions. With an eshop, you have customer emails and shipping addresses, whereas in classic retail stores a loyalty program starts with customer loyalty cards.

A discount-based loyalty program consists of automatic discount calculations according to the amount a customer spent in the past.

A rewards-based loyalty system can be especially useful for shopping centers. The amount a customer spends is automatically converted into points. Customers can spend their points to acquire a specific award.

The important effects of introducing a discount/reward program are:

  1. Customer contact info (address, email, phone…) is registered in the system and can be used for proactive communication, marketing campaigns and customer retention.
  2. Other customer data (like birth date, shoe size, etc…) can be collected.
  3. Customer transactions are registered and available for data analysis.

Based on the customer and sales data it is possible to apply advanced data analysis techniques in order to:

  1. Find behavior patterns and use them for customer retention and sales support marketing campaigns.
  2. Segment customers and use demographic characteristics and customer preferences of the target segment for customer acquisition. Customer segmentation criteria can be used for highly-effective targeted Facebook advertising.

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