Loyalty Program

Functional requirements

  • Information desk officer registers a customer.
  • Afterwards, the registered customer obtains a loyalty card.
  • Whenever a customer presents a receipt from a store, the customer account increases by the number of points calculated from the purchase amount.
  • As soon as a customer collects a certain number of points, he/she is qualified for a valuable prize.

Data about customers are available for further analysis and subsequent marketing campaigns.


The solution consists of two Windows clients, the Microsoft SQL Server Express database, one optional web application and address synchronization module.

  • All reference, transactions and business data are stored in the MSSQL Server database.
  • Windows client is used for customer registration, purchase registration and reward usage transactions by the information desk officer.
  • Another Windows client is used for system configuration, reference data maintenance and reporting by the marketing manager.
  • (Optional) An address synchronization module maintains up-to-date address reference data.
  • (Optional) Customer Portal is a web application used by customers to view their transactions and available rewards, and to maintain settings (contact data, subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletter, etc.)

Monthly Store Contribution

Monthly Store Contribution Graph

Customer Totals By City And ZIP Code

Customer Totals By City And ZIP Code PIE

Loyalty program

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