• Sales Support

    To design and implement a successful marketing and sales strategy you need to learn about and keep track of:

    - Your customers; their habits, preferences and behavior patterns
    - Your products
    - Markets, seasons and other environmental influences
    - Influences of the store location in real or virtual space (internet)
    - Dependencies of all the factors mentioned

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  • Customer Retention Program

    In today's competitive market with narrow profit margins, retaining high profit customers may be the strategy for allowing your business to survive or even flourish. It's far less expensive to nurture your existing customers and sell them more services or products than to acquire new, single purchase customers. It is already common knowledge that keeping one customer is five times more profitable than acquiring a new one.

    There are 3 main issues that a customer retention program must resolve in order to be successful.

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  • Customer Loyalty Program

    Our support for your loyalty program starts with customer loyalty cards.

    It depends on your needs whether to have a discount or rewards based loyalty program.

    Once you have initiated a loyalty program, analyzing customer transactions data enables the tailoring of the service or product offer according to customer preferences.

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  • Customer Acquisition

    Customer Acquisition

    Our services that you can use for customer acquisition are as follows:

    1. Direct mail marketing
    2. Email marketing
    3. Search engine optimization, website optimization, internet marketing
    4. Data analysis of interactions with your customers, in order to gain knowledge about their behavior, preferences, incentives to which they respond well, etc.

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Customer Retention

How do you know when a service has failed and/or when a customer leaves you?

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