Customer Acquisition

Our services related to customer acquisition are email marketing, PPC, internet marketing including SEO, data-driven marketing and advanced analytics.

Email Marketing

We can help you in the planning, execution and evaluation of email marketing campaigns. Our offer includes:

  1. Email addresses acquisition using signup forms on your web
  2. Copywriting
  3. Graphic design
  4. Distribution of newsletters
  5. Campaign tracking and evaluation

SEO, Internet Marketing, Website Optimization

The goal of search engine optimization and internet marketing is to increase your website traffic. The goal of website optimization is to increase the conversion rate. In other words, you want your website visitors to take a specific action (newsletter subscription, purchase, etc…). The purpose of website optimization is to turn visitors into subscribers, buyers, regular customers...

Predictive Analytics and Data-Driven Marketing

Data you collect about interactions with your customers can be analyzed in order to plan effective customer acquisition campaigns.

We can use purchase transactions, claims and complaints data, and website visits to figure out the behavior patterns of your customers, as well as their preferences and the incentives to which they respond. Based on this information you can plan various aspects of your acquisition campaign, including:

  • Timing of various promotions
  • Offers of incentives which are attractive to customers from the target segment
  • Marketing channels

If you do not have enough data for such an analysis, we can still design effective campaigns using an iterative approach, tracking and evaluating each iteration, and testing.

Customer Acquisition

Data Analysis

Do you want to talk with our specialists about analysing your customer database?


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