Sales Support

Argo Team expertise can help you increasing your sales by:

  • Discovering the behavioral patterns of your customers’ activities and using them for successful marketing campaigns and customer retention.
  • Web site optimization in order to ensure:
    • The right (potential) customers easily find your web page dedicated to products they are interested in – Search Engine Optimization.
    • Increase the rate which website visitors are converted into buyers/customers.
  • Analyzing and finding Product, Price, Location and Customer demographic and behavior characteristics and their dependencies and using that knowledge for:
    • Ordering and/or producing high turnover products, delivering them to the right stores and offering them to the right customers.
    • Getting rid of low turnover items and offering them to “discount hunters”.

Sales Forecasting: Analytics to the Rescue!

While an increase in sales volume can impact top-line performance, how can the forecast itself be utilized to drive better profit margins and sustainable business growth?

Benchmark by Aberdeen Group

Store Conversion Rate, Customer Demand vs. Your Offer, Dependencies

What is the turnover rate and GMROI of each product category, brand, supplier and store? What are the conversion rates per store? Is the structure of customers different for high and low GMROI stores? Does the offer correspond to customer preferences visiting specific stores?

Sales Support

What incentives do you have to offer to encourage customers to do what you want them to? How do you know which customers will respond to a specific offer?

Increase Website Traffic

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