• email marketingEmail Marketing

    Send personalized e-mail newsletters, invitations and offers to your customers. It is highly effective, inexpensive, immediate and measurable.

    Email marketing helps you expand your market reach, increase response rates and build customer relationships.

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    pay per clickPPC

    Search Engine Marketing Advertisers place bids on phrases that they expect their target audience would type in a search field when they are looking for goods or services advertiser offers. When a web user types the search keyword into the field of a search engine or visits a web site with content that correlates to the phrase, the PPC ad may be displayed on that page.

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    predictive data analysisBusiness Reporting & Data Analysis

    Business reporting and Data Analysis are complementary services that Argo Team provides, enabling our clients to gain insights about their own business and to spot a change as soon as it happens so they can find the root cause. The change can be either a threat or an opportunity. In both cases, a timely alert of such an event, with an understanding of the factors causing the change, allows you to react quickly and accurately. In addition to that, the data mining and predictive analytics can help you in a proactive search for opportunities to improve your business.

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Everybody who wants a piece of the Internet market cake has to be concerned about SEO. SEO can help your prospects to find you when searching for your services. While being visible is obviously a necessary precondition for success, once your prospects find you or your company’s web presentation, you have to make sure the content is relevant and attractive so that visitors to your website will also become your clients.

    Optimize your website and increase both visits and conversions (sales, registrations, donations, downloads…).

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  • Data Driven Marketing

    Argo Team helps clients improve customer retention and profit from existing customers. Our methodology and experience in data analysis and retail help our clients in their marketing campaign planning, execution, tracking, and results evaluation.

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  • Graphical Design & Copywriting

    Attract customers by showing and telling them what they really want to see and know about you, your products, and your services.

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Do you think your prospects can't find your website?
It is high time to begin SEO.

Increase Response Rate by Being Relevant

Do you send your email offers to all your customers every time? If so, your customers probably completely ignore your emails by now. Find a way to target customers for whom your offer is relevant.

Root Cause Analysis

How does your profit compare with this same period last year? Which factor(s) contributed to the difference the most?

Customer Retention

Can you recognize a behavioral signal your best customers exhibit before they leave for good?

We can help you set an alert based on the data you collect regularly.